Friday, July 26, 2013

This new age of social media is a wild, wonderful, sometimes risky but always an all so adventurous world. You can be anything or anyone or just be yourself. If your good at something or even just lucky, you can make it big. There is an audience for everything that anyone can imagine or dream up. You can learn anything you want or need to, or just have a lot of fun. You can fall in and or out of love forever, or on a daily basis. Everyone seems to "like" everything. People seem to get along better on line than in person. One thing is certain, once it’s on here there is no take backs. There is a lot of things posted on line that seem innocent at the time, but could come back and bite you in years to come. It’s kind of like that spur of the moment tattoo, or that several drinks to many the night before you have an important day at work. The web is truly a place in the world where the playing field is equal for all, and anyone can get in the game. You do not have to be rich or pretty, you just have to connect. So happy net-trails everyone, let that inner you shine. ©®William J. Marsh


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A short observation for starters.

In many ways the Internet with all the social media sites like My Space, Face book, Fan Page and so on, has become less social, more secluded, allusive and a lot less personal. Everybody’s out there and on there just 5 minutes ago. You have all of those little pop-up messengers, all private and or secrete. Of course you can set up to video chat, but that’s mostly one on one or used for gaming. There is so much information on search engines now, that it’s nearly impossible to get simply the answer that your looking for. Everything is a gimmick to get you where they want you, rather than where you want to be.

Fifteen or twenty years ago we had good ol’ live chat rooms like AT&T and AOL where thousands of people from around the world gathered live around the clock. You could count on crazy Betty to be in the woman’s gossip room at 6:45p.m. every night except Wednesday and the Dark Dragon would make there appearance in the fantasy room every night around 10:00p.m. You could flirt, argue, talk about your day, laugh “lol” you could cry, you could fall in and out of love and even get a private room. Everyone was right there with you live. You never saw any pictures or videos, but you got to know those people better than the people in your own family. You knew them so well that when they tried to hide and use a new chat name, you still knew who it was by the way they talked because their personalities still came through. Now it seems as though everything is, just “so 5 minutes ago!”
©®William J. Marsh